Akanbe bag come picnic blanket by Takashi Hojo

This soft felt basket has a cute face, but it’s much sturdier than it looks. Made from a single sheet of felt, it folds up into a convenient, portable tote bag/basket, perfect for storing magazines and toys, carting groceries etc. Open it up and you can use it as a play mat when you’re ready to go, simply fold and button its eyes, no need for a separate container to put things away in!

Versatility and style have been combined to create the Akanbe Basket (available in cerise pink or toffee orange.

Made of felt and cute as a button, this tote is sturdier than it looks. Indoors or outdoors. The Akanbe tote even collapses to be conveniently used as a sheet. Great for picnics. Simplify life with a whole lot of fun.

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Product details:

Takashi Hojo

Origami Felt Basket. Felt:(80% polyester, 20% rayon)



(Folded flat): W 430 x D 38 x H 410mm
(Folded, opened basket): W 430 x D 230 x H 410mm
(Unfolded, laid flat): W 1050 x D 1000 x H 3mm


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