Radiata Pine Shade (3 sizes)

100% renewable, chemical and treatment free Pinus Radiata

Soren Berger has been a woodturning artist for over 30 years. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, he is an internationally renowned leader in his craft.

Sorens unique style has developed over lifetime, with a focus centred on the structure and physical beauty of wood.

He is an innovator and is the epitome of the kiwi artist. Soren not only creates world class art pieces, but he also makes the machinery and tools to create the pieces.

His unique lamp shades are crafted from a single piece of New Zealand grown Radiata Pine. Each shade is a creation of simplicity and beauty.
Such a creation doesn’t rely on technological wizardry or toxic beautifying finishes. Rather, on hard earned skills and the warmth of a natural and unassuming timber.

The wood that Soren uses for these lamps, is 100% renewable, chemical and treatment free Pinus Radiata. It is the most commonly grown wood in New Zealand. By using wood such as this, Soren demonstrates that there is amazing beauty in all wood.
The design allows the piece to retain its living beauty. The lamps are not sanded, their raw cut surface left exposed to allow the natural fibres to shine and texture the piece.

All lamps have custom stainless steel fittings, and are able to be fitted to a stand or hung from a pendant. This allows the shades to be mounted on any lamp stand or pendant fitting.


Soren Berger, New Zealand

New Zealand

Lamps are available in 400, 500, and 600 millimetre diametres:

A: 400mm Ø x 240 mm tall drum shade
B: 500mm Ø x 240 mm tall drum shade
C: 600mm Ø x 240 mm tall drum shade

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