Puawai – Sol de la Flor

A stunning globe of twenty interlocking modular elements forming a soft flow of white petals of an ethereal gem – its as illuminating as it is shapely, which is why the descriptor Sun of the Flower makes sense.

The Sol de la Flor light shade is an example of using a mathematical shape and designing a functional form that has aesthetic appeal. Jelle knew that a globe can be constructed entirely from equilateral triangles, which is how he got to work on the Sol de la Flor.

So its a product thats both intelligent and beautiful. The icosahedron resembles an exotic ephemera of a stunning globe of interlocking petals. Each element is symmetrical in shape and has connection means that allow the pieces to overlap forming a rosette that resemblance a Frangipani flower when illuminated.  joug design
Assembly: The Puawai Sol de la Flor is user assembled

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New Zealand


Size: 420mm in diameter
Box dimensions: 240x275x27mm


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