Polynesia Lamp – Aluminium

The lamp is inspired by the Polynesian triangle a large triangular area of the Pacific Ocean defining the islands of Polynesia which includes New Zealand. Poly and nesia are the Greek words meaning many islands.
Flat pack designed. Quick and simple set up ( under 10 seconds ). The Polynesia lamp is designed for people who also want affordable and versatile designer lighting.
The design of its clean lines furthermore makes the lamp adaptable for residential and commercial/retail environments. Great for bars and intimate restaurants. Also it is versatile as a pendant or rose fitting lamp.
Made of recyclable aluminum and combined with it’s powder coat finish, makes the lamp durable and long lasting.

Recommended for indoor use.
Lighting is predominately uni-directional. But if hung as a rose light is will have more of a flood light effect.
Depending on powder coat stock availability, custom colours can be done if 3 or more lamps are purchased. Allow 2 weeks lead time.

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New Zealand

New Zealand

Pearl white

Height 230mm, Diameter measurements: 250mmx250mmx250mm


Polynesia Lamp Ron Crummer Polynesia Lamp Ron Crummer

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