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Simon Karkov: Norm 69 Pendant Lamp Designed by Simon Karkov for Normann Denmark, 1969. Material: lamp shade foil Lamp kit in 69 pcs. No tools or glue required, maximum lighting effect, will not dazzle.

Simon Karkov, born 1932, architect The story of Norm 69 is the story of a chance encounter, a long struggle to find the right materials, and ultimate success. First of all, Simon Karkov contacted us with a lamp kit that he had designed back in 1969. The lamp had 69 parts, and was visionary in its ideas and modernist in its expression. We were sold on the idea right there and then, bought the rights, and called it the Norm 69 lamp. Soon, however, it became clear that the existing material was not durable enough. When you assemble a lamp yourself, it’s important that the material is flexible and can tolerate being bent many times. The subsequent development process was time-consuming, but the result was a strong and flexible product that could cope with plenty of physical stress and wide temperature ranges. The latter was an important consideration, as we export to many different countries: the lamp must work equally well whether it hangs in Greenland or Hawaii.

Today, the Norm 69 has become a great success, thanks to its characteristic expression and reasonable price. It is sold in 46 countries the world over, and has become one of our core products. The Norm 69 lamp was awarded the Formland Award in 2002, as well as ‘Best Item’ at Imm Cologne in 2003.

small: D.42cm Perfect for a dining table
large: D.51cm Perfect for a dining table
x-Large: D.60cm Lots of space, go for the x-large
xx-Large D.78cm A perfect match for a large hall

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NORM 69 lamp shade by normann copenhagen
NORM 69 lamp shade by normann copenhagen NORM 69 lamp shade by normann copenhagen NORM 69 lamp shade by normann copenhagen 2270c 2270d 2270e 2270f 2270g

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