Nautilus hanging lamp shade by Rebecca Asquith

A top seller – Based on a nautilus sea shell, the kit-set Nautilus hanging lamp shade uses an industrial sheet material in an innovative way to create a complex organic form. When the lamp is switched on the warm light penetrates the layers of wood to make it glow. Light pours through the spaces between the wood and creates a pattern on surrounding surfaces. The Nautilus lamp can be easily assembled in minutes from its flat packed state to create a stunning illuminated lamp shade.

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manufacture & design:
New Zealand , Rebecca Asquith


-Small:      42cm H x 31cm W x 37cm D
-Large:      50cm H x 36cm W x 44.5cm D

-Sustainably grown Australian Hoop Pine Plywood (AFS certification)
-Stainless steel spider and bolts
-Small plastic rivets

eco strategies
-Efficient use of materials – minimal materials used to produce the desired look
-Renewable materials – most of the product is made from wood
-Plantation timber – 100% plantation grown Australian Hoop Pine Plywood. AFS certified
-Efficiency in manufacture – process used is efficient in energy and water. Parts are nested to create
less waste, and left over’s used on other projects
-Made in New Zealand – supporting local economies
-Efficiency in transport and packaging – product comes flat-packed for ease of transport and less packaging
-Designed for disassembly – product has been designed to be easily disassembled for recycling at the end of its life
-Recyclable materials
-ONLY (low-heat) energy saving light bulbs can be used with the Nautilus because of the bulb’s close proximity to the lampshade. This means savings on power – yay!

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