Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener by SuckUK

The original fridge bottle opener by those clever London lads. Has the strongest, rubberized, non-scratch magnet that sticks to your fridge and opens any bottle with ease. This gift comes packaged with guaranteed wow factor and lifetime guarantee. OK, you like a nice cold beer every once in a while – like every other night. And obviously you prefer a good microbrew over a Bud – or maybe you don’t – taste varies. In any case, you need to open the bottle somehow.

Yes we are aware of twist off caps, but what if you do like microbrews? Or prefer Coke in a bottle? Unless your hand is a wrench, you won’t get to far…

Why not consider this elegant piece of work from the good guys over at Suck UK?

It’s a fridge magnet come bottle opener. And we like it. I works perfectly with our micro brews and with pretty much any other bottle as well. And it’s really good looking. Subtle, it integrates well and doesn’t scream at you.

Oh – and if you prefer opening your beer by twisting your hand, go ahead, be a macho, but in case it doesn’t open – try the opener…

Extra: As seen on TV’s Absolutely Fabulous
Winner Gift of the Year 2003, London

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Suck UK


Height: 20.1 cm, Depth: 3 cm, Length: 12.1 cm

Stainless steel


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