Illusion is a handmade side table

Illusion is a handmade side table of 3 mm clear acrylic. All Illusion tables are handmade, individual and unique. The design gives the impression of a table cloth on a round table. However, the object uses the structural strength of the folded material to create a magical and surprising experience – an illusion.

Handle with care like glass
Do not sit on the table
Max. load 25 kg.
Handmade in Acryl/PMMA
All unique objects (Certified)

Optional clip light accessory for the illusion ice table:
Both the small and grand illusion tables can take a little light that clips on to one of the sides of the table legs so that the table lights up.

Highly commended Best New Product Illusion, the new side table from Essey, was awarded and highly commended Best New Product at Top Drawer in London, 2007.

John Brauer
Danish, 1960, BSc, MDD, MBA
has been in almost all parts of the world – exploring, working, visiting and collecting impressions of different cultures to a mind of comprehensiveness. He has worked with communication, product and graphical design for various companies the past 15 years. His original style is expressed through deep involvement and quest of new values. He has also exhibited a major talent for furniture design – including his Move table for Paustian.


Illusion has been nominated to the British Industry Awards 2007. The Industry Awards is where the whole market comes together to applaud and celebrate the cream of the current season's product innovations.


John Brauer, Danish, 1960, BSc, MDD, MBA

Available in Clear or Frosted (ice)

Available in 2 sizes:
Small Illusion H=450 mm,0=310 mm
Grand Illusion H=540 mm,0=440 mm

Please Choose:
clip light accessory

A. Grand Illusion Clear $962
B. Grand Illusion Ice $1075
C. Small Illusion Clear $599
D. Small Illusion Ice $700

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