iPhone pouch NZ leather by Ikonic Edge

Why the Super Slim from ‘ikonic-edge’ is superior ?

Super Slim is handmade from the Finest New Zealand (Wanganui) .7 thickness 100% serge fine grain leather. This offers excellent protection and durability. (note: this is not an imitation leather such as Koskin as commonly used for cases and consumer goods but 100% serge fine grain leather that will look even better with use over time)
Micro Suede Lining – scratch free
Speaker opening
Super slim fit designed specifically for each iPhone model
Our pouches are not generic cases. They are dedicated iPhone pouches
Hand-crafted vertical loading
Quick access to the iPhone makes this case easy & convenient to use
No belt clip Pocket use only
Classy and elegant Design

How did the Super Slim pouch come about?
As an iPhone user I searched for months to find a pouch or case that I liked. I purchased a number of the better pouches and cases on the market and I still wasn’t satisfied. They added unnecessary bulk to the iPhone which goes against one of the advantages of the iPhone. As a male I wanted a lean pouch that I could use for carrying in a trouser or jacket pocket. I also wanted a high grade 100% pure leather pouch.

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I didn’t want one of the rubber skins on the market as I find these just camouflage the iPhone slick looks. The iPhone is one of the the most desirable looking phones on the market with its sleek finish, why spoil it by wrapping it up in rubber?

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I also wanted a pouch that allowed me to remove the iPhone quickly and easily. The Super Slim allows you to pinch one end of the pouch and it simply slides out.

The Super Slim protective pouch is for those who dislike the increased bulk that most protective pouches and cases create. One of the great things about the iPhone are its slim lines. Why make it look bulky? The Super-Slim is the slimmest sleekest pouch you will find for any mobile device.

It is also a very protective pouch constructed of soft 100% pure serge leather with the inner interior lined with Micro-Suede scratch free lining. Using the Micro-Suede also stops the leather from stretching, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

With the curve-hugging fit that this serge leather pouch provides, you will have the look and feel of absolute luxury.

Ikonic Edge New Zealand

New Zealand Leather and made.

Dark brown

Finest New Zealand (Wanganui) 100% serge fine grain leather and thick .7 thickness

Customer Testimonials:  Click here

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