INCA lightshade

Inca is a stunning globe of twenty interlocking modular petals forming a soft flow of arcs and short straight lines.

The Inca light shade is based on the principles of the Sol de la Flor light shade using the bases of a triangle to construct a globe of twenty interlocking elements.

What makes the Inca unique is its use of short straight lines that overlap and bind the elements together.

Each element is symmetrical in shape and has a connection method that allows the pieces to overlap forming a rosette, resembling a Frangipani flower when illuminated.

New Zealand


420mm in diameter; box dimensions: 240x275x27mm


Assembly: pre-assembled
Parts: a) 20x symmetrical elements from 0.6mm thickness polypropylene
b) 1x hanging disc from 1.2 mm polypropylene

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