Italian table lamp by Roberto Tenace

Modernist Franco-Italian table Lamp.

This lamp is a decorative item part of the International collection. Imagined by the talented Franco-Italian designer Roberto Tenace, this original lamp tends to create a balance between tradition and modernity with its sculptural shape and form.

Roberto Tenace has always been very creative and produced a huge amount of designs thanks to the great environment Bali provides in term of handicraft know how, inexpensive workmanship and a very various source of raw materials.

He created the Sens’o brand in 2004 (that was then renamed InSens’o) to then launch his own local retail stores as well as a few franchises in Australia, Europe and south America.

Period: c. 1990’s , Italy , Memphis Inspired
Condition: 9/10
Measurements: 38cm high by 34cm wide by 15cm deep

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