Washing-Up Bowl and Brush

Washing-up bowl and brush Designed by Ole Jensen. born 1958, designer. Winner of the International Design Plus award in 2002. The Washing-Up Bowl and beech-wood Brush is a simple, functional and practical object, which only takes up minimal space. The material is flexible enough so that it can shape itself according to what you put in it. You can use it for either cleaning, for the eternal washing-up or fill it with Corona's and ice and present it to your friends at your garden party! The material is an FDA-approved thermal Santoprene, which is basically a flexible rubber. It can withstand the heat of boiling water.
Materials: washing-up bowl: rubber – brush: beech with natural bristles

We've spared a thought for the washing-up with this bowl that shapes itself to adapt to what you put in it. It can be used for cleaning as well as for washing dishes. things are what they are – neither more nor less !

Ole Jensen, One day, while washing up in his kitchen at home, Ole Jensen felt reluctant to put his fragile porcelain and glass straight into the stainless steel sink. He also noticed that the sink's shape was very inflexible in relation to unusual kinds of dishes and tableware, and the idea of a flexible washing-up bowl began to take shape in his mind. The idea was that the washing-up bowl should adapt its shape to whatever object lay in it, so Ole decided to use a flexible material, such as rubber. He then designed the prototype, hand-working the model on his potter's wheel until the shape was right.

In the production of the washing-up bowl, it was important that its hand-kneaded character came to expression and produced that special aesthetic look that we associate with handicraft. The result was very satisfactory – a shape that is both flexible and durable, in a new, strong material that can also be produced in a wealth of colours. This washing-up bowl adds a poetic element to a repetitive and sometimes tiresome routine, and can be characterised as a piece of industrial handicraft.

Like the aforementioned dustpan brush, the washing-up brush is made of Chinese pig bristles bent and glued to the wood. The brush is produced according to old production techniques, and by the time it is finished, it has received the attention of no less than sixteen female hands.

The washing-up bowl was awarded the prestigious International Design Plus Prize in 2002
# Includes washing-up bowl with brush
# Material: Rubber, Beech with Natural Bristles
# Entirely new way to clean your dishes
# Shape of the washing-up bowl changes according to what you put in it
# Use it to clean the dishes, store toys, hold plants or even as an ice cooler for champagne
# Dishwasher safe
# Awards: Formlandprisen 2002, Denmark and DesignPlus 2002, Germany


Ole Jensen

Yellow, Black or White

Washing-up Bowl Dimensions: 5.5″ H x 11″ W x 11″ D
Brush Dimensions: 10.2″ D

FDA-approved thermal Santoprene
washing-up bowl: rubber – brush: beech with natural bristles


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